(Latest) New Update Oringinal Video Full Link Overtime Megan On Twitter

angkasa.co.id – (Latest) New Update Oringinal Video Full Link Overtime Megan On Twitter – Megan Eugenio aka Overtime Megan is famous on social media and is a TikTok Star. Megan also works for Overtime, a digital sports network that creates video and content for millennial and Gen Z basketball fans. Megan uploads her short videos, such as lip sync, dancing and fun videos, on the TikTok app.

(Latest) New Update Oringinal Video Full Link Overtime Megan On Twitter

Over time, Megan began to post content not only on her TikTok account, but also on Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts. Well, she also has a YouTube channel called “Overtime Megan” where she writes about herself and her work in the digital game network Overtime.

Megan Eugenio was born on October 17, 1999 and grew up in Peabody City, Massachusetts, USA. Megan is a regular American and her birth sign, or zodiac, is Libra.

Overtime Megan Eugenio Age & Birthday

The time for my boy was a boy in Massachusetts. He was born and grew up in the United States because he does not talk about her family, and we did not know about his father, mother and brothers. Also, his star sign is Libra and he was born on October 17th. Megan Eugenio is 20 years old now, but she will be 21 in October 2020. He attended primary school in the area, then moved to the United States for high school. He is currently a student (name not available).

Overtime Megan’s Boyfriend, Husband & Affairs

Megan and Cole Schwindt are dating and everything is fine. Megan loves sports and Cole plays hockey for a living, so they have a lot in common. Megan likes to go to Cole’s games and cheers him on, and they both enjoy spending time together.

Height, Weight, and Body Size

Megan is one of the teenage beauties, and she has a beautiful figure and a perfect body for her age. She is known for her beauty, outspokenness, and dancing style. Megan has grown to about 5 feet and two inches (157 cm) in height and weighs about 53 kilograms (116 pounds).

Also, the actress has chestnut hair and brown eyes, which can make anyone fall in love with her. Megan loves high end brands like Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Fila, Apple, etc.

Time passed Megan Eugenio is tall and skinny. However, he likes to do things that are not very difficult. This helps him to keep a good look at his body. Her body shape is hour glass, and her measurements of 34-26-34 are ideal (bust, waist, hips).


Megan Eugenio started her career in New York, but lived in Peabody City, Massachusetts before that. Megan moved to New York in 2018 so she could complete her studies at Pace University. Well, he wanted to be famous since he was a child, but he didn’t know how to start. When he started college, he met someone on Instagram who worked at a temp agency. He already knew about the Overtime Company, which is a digital sports network that makes videos and other content for basketball games. He is also a basketball fan and enjoys sports. Overtime also makes content for millennials and Gen Z fans. Well, he met someone who worked overtime on Instagram back in October when he was only out of college for a month or two. Megan started talking to this person and became friends. Megan Eugenio is 18 years old and has never had a job before. He spoke to this person and asked for a job, and he asked the supervisor to help him. After two weeks, Ally, who was in charge of the office hours, called Megan and they talked. Megan got a job at Overtime and is now in a good position.

In addition to her work, Overtime Megan is popular on social media, with thousands of people following her. He has more than 2.2 million followers on his @overtimemegan account on TikTok, where he publishes fun, funny videos whether it’s about his work or basketball. He also has a large following on Instagram and other social media sites. Also, Megan Eugenio has a YouTube channel called “Overtime Megan”. She debuted on December 8, 2021 with her first video, “Everything You Need to Know About Meg’s Period | Fresh Daily Meggs Ep. 1,” posted on December 9, 2021. He publishes podcasts and Q&A videos on his channel, which has over 6,000 subscribers.

Net Worth & Wealth

Megan Eugenio is famous on social media. He has millions of fans and followers on TikTok and other social media sites where he has an account. Well, he also works for a digital gaming network called Overtime. But no one knows his exact income and net worth. But Megan Eugenio, whose name is Overtime, believes she has more than $500,000 (approx.)

Facts About Megan Eugenio

  • She is a fashion friend of “Vogue Nova,” a fashion model who is known all over the world. She tags this model’s official page on her photos all the time.
  • Megan is an influential person on social media who is passionate, hardworking, and smart.
  • On March 3, 2020, she went to Miami, Florida, and wrote about her trip on social media.
  • On February 15, she went to see the NBA basketball team play.
  • She has a piercing in her belly button, which she wrote about on her Instagram page.
  • In 2018, she ran for Miss Teen USA and used her social media accounts to share pictures and videos.
  • The influencer is pretty active on social media, and her regular updates to her followers show that.
  • Overtime Since she joined Twitter in April 2014, Megan Eugenio has more than 562 people who follow her.
  • The actress loves animals, and one of her pets is a beautiful dog named Nike.
  • Eugenio has worked with a wide range of companies, such as those that make shoes and clothes.
  • Megan’s favorite places to visit are Mexico, Hawaii, Thailand, and New York.

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