Full Link Zarina Anjoulie Video Viral On Twitter

angkasa.co.id – Full Link Zarina Anjoulie Video Viral On Twitter – Hello friends, back again with the admin. This time, Mimin will discuss the article mentioned, which is always being hunted by netizens.

Full Link Zarina Anjoulie Video Viral On Twitter

Who is Zarina Anjoulie?

She is an actress and model in Malaysia. She is currently 35 years old and has been the most talked about a person due to her controversy on social media. She is a single mom to her son Awangku Gabriel Martin, who is born with Zarina’s first marriage.

Full Link Zarina Anjoulie Video Viral On Twitter

This article on Zarina Anjoulie Telegram will give you details about the situation overall and the video. On social media, there are occasionally brand-new controversies involving disputes and trending content. There was a lot of commotion online because of a video of the well-known actress Zarina Anjoulie. If you want to learn more about the Zarina Anjoulie Telegram, read this post all the way through. What’s the story behind the popular video?

For the past few days, Zarina Anjoulie has been sought after. There are two reasons why people are looking for the same thing, in case you were wondering. The first justification is Zarina’s love. According to sources, she is in love with Datuk Sri Khazrul Elzey, a businessman. In Zarina Anjoulie Video, she makes this disclosure. Zarina’s current love is not her first. She has been married before, but the couple divorced years ago because they couldn’t get along. They are reportedly back in love right now.

Video Zarina Anjoulie

A video of the two arguing over a fence costing RM 100,000 has been making the rounds online. When Zarina told the crowd that she wasn’t a fence-scrapper and that her boyfriend had given her the fence, the entire situation became public.

What is in the video, according to Zarina Anjoulie Telegram? In the viral video, Zarina and Datuk can be seen arguing about a fence. She also claims that only RM30,000 was paid to the contractor, leaving RM80,000 that she must pay on her own.

According to sources, Datuk spoke up about the situation and a video of him saying that Zarina shouldn’t have made everything so public in order to damage his reputation was made public.

recently been the topic of much discussion. In the section of this post that is titled “Social Media,” you can find Zarina’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. Follow her there to learn more about her most recent tweets and posts.


As a result of their fight after confessing their love, Zarina and Datuk have become the subjects of the most media attention today. Comment below with what you think about Datuk and Zarina’s altercation.

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